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Bio Laundry Detergents tackle dirty laundry with clean science. Phytolase, our advanced enzyme cleaning technology precision targets stains and odors at their source while being extra gentle for you, your clothes, and the planet.

Clean home, clean planet. Clean home, clean planet. Clean home, clean planet. Clean home, clean planet. Clean home, clean planet. Clean home, clean planet.

Break down stains with enzymes.

Active stain fighting.

Our products relies on enzymes that are designed to actively find and seek, and breakdown stains for the entirety of the wash cycle. These enzymes break down the stain into microscopic particles which gets washed away with the water. Conventional cleaners often time just re-deposit larger particles onto other clothes.

Eliminates odors vs. Masking them.

These enzymes are designed to get into the into the complex weaves of technical fabrics where sweat, sebum, and other stains can get trapped and attract odor-causing bacteria.

Traditional Cleaners Can Be Harmful

Skin Health

Our skin is like a sponge.

Our skin is like a sponge that absorbs everything that it comes in contact with. So when we use laundry detergents with harmful chemicals in them, our skin lets those chemicals sink in. This can cause skin dryness, redness or cause a skin disease like folliculitis or eczema. If left untreated, these skin irritations can lead to skin cancer.


It can affect how you feel.

Many detergents have the chemical Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, also known as NPE. NPE is actually a toxin that imitates the estrogen hormone. The hormones in our body are very important to maintaining overall health. They maintain reproductive health, emotions, and weight control. So when hormones are disturbed by toxins this can have a detrimental effect on our overall health.

Respiratory Health

Your lungs.

The Environmental Working Group has made it clear that fragrances are one of the top five allergy triggers. Fragrances can cause asthma attacks and swelling. The chemical phthalates are the main cause for these triggers and it has also been linked to diabetes, obesity, and poor reproductive health.


Carcinogens in detergent.

It might be hard to hear but yes, the carcinogens in laundry detergent have been linked to cancer as well as other life threatening diseases. Did you know that in America the rate of people being affected by some form of cancer has increased to 1 in 3? It used to be 1 in 100! However, with so many chemical and toxins everywhere we turn, the rate has drastically increased. To reduce your chances of developing a lifelong disease, reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins to which you are exposed.

A sustainable way to clean.

Every decision we make is based on what's good for humans and the planet. Our products are good for you and good for the planet. We strive to put things out into the world that are convenient, easy, and eco-friendly. Join us in the movement against harmful toxins, plastic waste, and animal exploitation. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and protect our planet for generations to come.

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Building A Better Future

Cleaning Re-Defined

Our products are our mission. We harness the power of plant science for products that work hard for your family.

Climate Advocates

We innovate and advocate to help build a future free from carbon emissions as part of our mission to strengthen communities and build true climate justice for all.

Safety Obsessed

We're commited to the safety of the people and the planet, practicing a principle of precaution when choosing what goes into our products.

Together, we can build a healthier world for future generations.

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